Growth Technology Thailand

Growth Technology Grow / Vege Powder Pack 25kg is formulated to supply the nutritional needs of the plant during the VEGETATIVE stage of the growth cycle. High levels of nitrate nitrogen encourage rapid leaf and shoot development.



Growth Technology In Thailand

Growth Technology Bulk Packs are specifically formulated to provide the exact profile of mineral nutrition required by a specific crop. Growth Technology has a nutrient formulation for most commercial crops.

Growth Technology’s Crop Specific Bulk Packs consist of two separate packs. An ‘A’ Pack and a ‘B’ Pack. These are designed to be mixed with water to produce your nutrient solution. You will need two separate containers that hold at least 60lt. These will need to be clearly marked as ‘PART A’ & ‘PART B’.

Contains the full profile of macronutrients and chelated micronutrients. Manufactured using International and Australian grade minerals and chelated micronutrients. The chelation of the micronutrients ensures their availability in the case of pH fluctuation while the grade of the minerals ensures complete solubility.

ONE 25kg bulk pack makes:
20,000 litres at 1.5EC
15,000 litres at 2.0EC
12,000 litres at 2.4EC
10,000 litres at 2.9EC