Big Plant Science Calcium Plus 5 Litre




A professional calcium-nitrate-amino acid formula ensures that the plant is not brought into a calcium deficit.

An additional 2% amino acid has been added, which increases calcium uptake and cell formation. The advantage of a calcium-nitrate-amino acid formula is that the plant is forced to absorb calcium, thereby ensuring healthy, strong stems and optimal calcium absorption.

Why has BiG chosen the traditional calcium-nitrate mixture?

It is the optimal way to increase calcium uptake via the root network. The plant occupies approx. 1.5 times as much calcium as nitrogen, and approx. three times as much calcium as phosphorus. It is therefore important to determine which type of water (hard, medium or soft) is available and to use the appropriate fertilizer schedule.

By doing the plant this service, you ensure that the plant gets the correct amount of calcium. The result is stronger stems that can support the large flower spikes.

Our “Calcium Plus” formula combined with our Grow formula provides your plants with all the essential nutrients they need during the crucial growth stage.