Big Plant Science Bloom 20 Litre




A professional fertilizer formula that supplies all the macro-nutrients plants use throughout the flowering phase. 2% amino acid has been added, which increases cell formation and optimizes the plant’s ability to absorb fertilizer.

Why is 100% nitrate-based fertilizer important to me?

Nitrogen (N) is the most important element for the plant and its growth, if you are yield-oriented, every farmer and professional gardener knows that. If the plant does not receive an adequate amount of nitrogen, this is clearly reflected in the yield.

The nitrogen found in Bloom is 100% nitrate based and does not contain ammonium. Unlike ammonium, nitrate is not toxic to the plant, not even in large concentrations.

100% nitrate-based fertilizer makes it possible to push the plant to perform at its best without complications such as acidification of the medium and burnt leaf tips as a result of ammonia poisoning.

As I said, nitrogen is the most important element from a return-oriented perspective, and if you are going for a BIG return, it is important that you push the plant to the maximum.
This can be achieved by using Bloom which contains large amounts of phosphorus and potassium (PK), which ensures heavy flower tops. Bloom also contains magnesium and sulfur (Mg-S), which ensures many crystals and an essential oil production at the high end.