Big Plant Science Aroma Boost 500 ml




Lift up the smell!

The terpentenes found in the plant’s crystals – trichomes – are made up of different aromatic molecules.

It is the composition and concentration of the various aromatic molecules that give the plant its characteristic scent and taste.

BiG has therefore developed a professional aroma enhancer that contains all the building blocks found in aromatic molecules;
bioactive sulphur, magnesium complexes and also a special aminogram rich in L-glutamic acid.

In addition, Aroma Boost has added pro-humic and fluvic acids, which increase the uptake of fertiliser. This product, paired with “Stimulus” gives off the most beautiful and aromatic flower.

Aroma Boost allows the plant to express its full aroma profile.

Last but not least, it adds a richer taste experience to the final product.

Give the scent and taste a boost with Aroma Boost.