Automatically manage nutrient and pH levels, set remote alarms and data log progress with a nutrient dosing system. IntelliDose sets the industry standard for small commercial auto-dosing.



The Autogrow IntelliDose sets the industry standard for automatic nutrient dosing, allowing you to dose up to a 9-part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster) while maintaining your preset EC and pH settings. Automatically manage your nutrient and pH levels, set remote alarms and data-log your progress with one simple controller. Achieve better results with a nutrient dosing system.

With an Autogrow IntelliGrow subscription you get remote access, data logging, and text/email alerts. All units come with unlimited tech support. Finally unshackle yourself from your reservoir!

Ease of use – The large, interactive screen allows you to easily maneuver between calibrating, set points, alarms, and configuration. If you can program a number into a cell phone, you can program your Autogrow IntelliDose.

Run up to 4 irrigation stations – The Autogrow IntelliDose can run up to 4 irrigation stations, allowing different areas of your grow space to be watered on different schedules. Use one reservoir or have a pump feed each station at different times. You can also set your system to only irrigate during the daytime.

Peristaltic pumps – Peristaltic pumps allow you to have all of your nutrient stock tanks on the ground, allowing for much larger quantities of pre-mixed solutions. This lowers the chance of leaks and spills and will cut down on your labor. Autogrow peristaltic pumps are available in sizes 120 ml/min to 1400 ml/min.

Works with any nutrient line – Any nutrient line can be used with the IntelliDose ⁠— liquid or powder. Simply determine your proper dilution ratios (don’t worry, we can help) and the Autogrow IntelliDose will keep the reservoir at your perfect recipe 24/7.

Technical Specification

  • 9 outputs 24VDC (or same voltage as supplied by plug pack)
  • Nutrient measurement units EC, CF or TDS (500/640/700)
  • Measured range 0.00 to 9.99EC, 0.1 to 99.99CF, 0 to 7000PPM
  • Nutrient resolution to .01mS/cm, 0.1CF
  • Nutrient measurement accuracy +/-0.1EC, 1.0CF or 10PPM (temperature compensated)
  • Nutrient dosing range 0.00 to 5.99EC, 0.1 to 59.9CF, 0 to 4200PPM
  • pH resolution and accuracy – 0.1pH
  • pH measurement range 2pH to 12pH
  • Nutrient and pH dosing times settable from 0 minutes to 254 minutes